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Про нас

Ми єдиний в Україні монобренд бретонок White And Stripe.

Бретонки White And Stripe живуть та тішать своїх власників впродож довгих років, тому що:

We produce our own material

We create 100% natural knitwear that keeps its shape, we develop unique designs and colors for our bretons.

Building Breton Community

Bretons have real connoisseurs and collectors, who have up to 15 own bangs from different collections.

Meticulously match the stripes by color

We select the right color for light stripes to match each colour individually to make every breton shirt perfect.

Constantly Improving

We test bretons for durability and collect feedback from friends of bras - to make sure that each will last you for many years.

Each stripe is flawlessly seamed

We tailor, cut, and sew the bretons by hand so that all the stripes converge evenly at the joint. "Stripe to Stripe" is about us.

Developing Embroidery Manufacture

White and Stripe team creates hand-embroider portraits, meaningful words or symbols on bangs - all the most valuable things our clients carry in their hearts.

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