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1. Definition of terms


1.1. This offer is the rules for drawing up, victoring and withdrawing the offer on the website

1.2. Watching the place of sale on the site (Mopovenі Vіdpovіdnі Fields on the site in Ridgelі «« Офисти Замениння подениння подетовна поддетор ин ин-ина новані товані вина самі и інфоросі и от и викані саміна и и и истья посто истьовая zdіysniti sales of the returned product.

1.3. The Buyer is a person who creates the Order and can name the purchase/purchase of the Goods, which were promoted before the sale by the Seller and presented on the Site.

1.4. Rules - Rules for registration, visualization and registration on the Site.

1.5. Seller - administration of the Site, FOP Pogrebna Anna Volodimirivna
Code: 3149513821  Rahunok : UA733052990000026001006704078 
Phone: +380688008707

Addresses: Ukraine, m. Kiev, vul. Raiduzhna 20, apt. 110
1.6.Proposition - information about the Goods, placed by the Seller on the Site, which include information about the Goods, its price, methods of payment for delivery, as well as other considerations for the Goods. Wash the Propositions placed on the Site, installed by the Seller. The Proposition is information about the possibility of buying the Goods.

1.7. Website - a website that has an address on the Internet , on the other side (in distributions) of which the rules (clear) for processing the application, payment, delivery, return of the Goods, guarantees, presented Commodity too.

1.8. Goods - a material object, promoted before sale by the Seller, placed on the Site, where the price, name, description, characteristics, and the status of availability are assigned. On the Site, you can see the next product: Bretons.

1.9. The delivery service is the third person who provides services for the transportation of goods, courier and/or postal delivery of goods.


2.High position


2.1.Vykoristannya in any way the Site (including, but not intermingled, issued by Purchases) is automatically notified about the recognition of the Purchase that year with the Rules. Urazі nezgodi Buying from the Rules, wine goiter and vytrimatisya vіd vikoristannya Site.

2.2.Qi Rules govern the order:

2.2.1. Buyers' access to information posted on the Site;

2.2.2.linking to the Site;

2.2.3. ordering the Goods;

2.2.4. pay for the Goods;

2.2.5. delivery of the Goods;

2.2.6. withdrawal of return to the Goods.

2.3. Information about the Goods is displayed on the Site and is dynamic. Tse means that the information can be updated, changed and supplemented by the Seller at any time without prior notification about it. Significant changes shall come into force after their publication on the Site and shall be settled until any Notice issued after their publication.

2.4.Information about the Goods, wash your mind, prices and whether or not other information The Seller accurately appears on the Site.

2.5. Proposition on the Site is not an offer. ONE, PARTICARSIY PISLY I mean З зопостритта май проить прости прифте стретста сайный и ошая «« Офисть Замениння заменняння », Піддетвення истовина постовина товина продовності інфоровації TA Wickernya Usii Diy, visitors on the site's website її The Seller is respected by the Offer of the Purchase to the Seller for the receipt of a suitable Good on the minds, designated in the Proposition and these Rules.

2.6. The offer is considered to be accepted by the Seller (acceptance) if the remainder of the offer was accepted, as to confirm the acceptance of the Buyer's offer, and itself: in fact, having accepted the Goods, it is clear to the minds, transferred by the Buyer's offer.

2.7. After the withdrawal of the Purchase offer, the Seller has the right to request the purchase of the Goods in a different mind, lower was transferred by the Purchase offer. In some cases, such a proposition is considered by a contract offer and may be accepted by the Buyer. In case of acceptance of a contract offer, the actual payment is taken into account, which is taken by the Buyer to the Goods on the minds of the Buyer, who were wised by the contract offer. The Seller has the right to make such a closed offer until the moment of payment for that/or delivery of the Goods.

2.8. In the case of a pardon in an amended acceptance, the Parties may have the right to change the mind only in the case of an hourly notice of such a pardon, one alone.

2.9. Acceptance by the Seller of the Offer Purchase or acceptance by the Buyer of the Seller's offer of the Seller's agreement between them, on the basis of the terms established by these Rules.

2.10.Information about the Goods is placed directly on the Site. In addition, when the Goods are accepted, until the moment of signing the documents that confirm the Goods’ acceptance, the Buyer of the Goods shall be aware of the information about the Goods that is placed on the Goods and/or packaging and/or in the shipping documents. At the time of the need to obtain additional information about the Goods, the Buyer should contact the Seller and obtain the necessary information by means of a remote communication until the moment of acceptance of such Goods.


3. The order of registration


3.1. In order to make it possible to make a purchase on the Site, the Buyer may correctly fill in the language fields at the “Make a reservation” branch, confirm the accuracy and correctness of the information entered and the information indicated on the Site, for the Seller’s administration.

3.2.From the hour of filling in the form of the Engagement, the Buyer of the goiter must state the information, recognized as the obov'yazkov, in the full obligation, and also the Buyer bears the responsibility for the accuracy, correctness and truthfulness

3.3. To the formalization of the Engagement, the Buyer confirms that the understanding of the minds of these Rules, and all things, as they will be made, will not be super clear to the minds of these Rules.


3.5. The Seller has the right to change the actual availability of the Goods in the warehouse, by way of enforcement. In such a situation, the rights are obov'yazki Storіn, pov'yazanі s sale, delivery and transfer of the purchased goods Purchase and payment for the Seller before the sale of the Rules, adhere, and vartіst to the Goods, pay for the new, turn the Purchase.

3.6. In the event of an incorrect appointment by the Buyer, when filling out an Application, by e-mail and/or a telephone number, the Seller may not confirm the Application.


4.Vartist and pay for the Goods


4.1. The price of the Goods is indicated on the Site at the appropriate distribution at the time of issuing the Order, and does not include the delivery option.

4.2. The Seller has the right to change the price of the Goods unilaterally without advance. However, the Seller does not have the right to change the price of the promised Goods after the Offer has been accepted by the Seller, and the Buyer has not received an electronic notification or a telephone call, or else a telephone notification that confirms the acceptance of the Offer.

4.3. The payment for the goods is made in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia.

4.4. The Buyer can withdraw the payment for the ordered Goods:

·     in case of picking up the Goods in the time of arranging the courier delivery and independent picking up in the Seller's location;

·     having spent pennies on the seller's rahunok;

·     overhead payment upon delivery of the Goods by postal services;

·      for help PayPal on

4.5. From the moment of accepting the Purchase Order, the Seller reserves the Purchase Order for the Buyer for 48 years. As long as 48 years from the moment of making the Reservation for the Goods and paying for them by the Buyer, the reservation for such Goods is taken, and the Buyer is respected in such a way that he/she has acted upon the Reservation (cancelled the Reservation).

4.6. Until the moment of its transfer by the Seller, the Goods are liable for repayment of payments by the Buyer.

4.7. When making payment for the Goods, the Buyer’s goiter, indicate in the column “Assigned to payment” your name, in the father’s way, the number of your personal appointment, or call the Seller on the phone, the appointments on the Site, and tell about the payment for the replacement number. Otherwise, the Seller does not bear the responsibility for the possibility of delaying the delivery of the Buyer's Goods through additional delays for payment identification. Payment by Visa and Mastercard cards is secured by the online payment service . The security of payment is confirmed by the international PCI DSS audit. Support service: tel. +380 (44) 2000902 ,

4.8. In case of cancellation by the Buyer or canceled by the Seller, the return fee is paid for the Goods, and the costs for delivery, incurred until the moment of cancellation by the Buyer, the return is not paid.

4.9. In case of cancellation of the return of the return to the Goods by the Buyer, pennies are paid by the Buyer for the return only after the return of the Goods by the Seller.

4.10. The return of a penny fee for the Purchase is due for a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment the Seller returns the item returned to the Goods by a way for the redemption of a penny fee for the account, from which the payment was made by the Buyer, or for a later account, the Buyer's instructions to the letter of mail.

4.11. The Seller may discuss the possibility of various ways of paying for the ordered Goods.


5. Order of transfer to the Goods


5.1. Delivery of the Goods is carried out throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, with the approval of the Republic of Crimea and the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

5.2. The Seller wants to hand over the Goods to the carrier (courier, postal organization, etc.) for the purpose of delivery, or to prepare it for the Buyer to see the Purchase from the Seller for a period of 2 (two) working days from the moment of canceling the Request. At the same time, the Goods are known in different locations (warehouses) or they blame the furnishing that complicates the arrangement, the lines for arranging delivery (visualization) can be carried out by the Seller up to 5 (five) working days. Delivery Ordering The goods are ordered by the delivery of lines, as appointed by the carrier (courier, postal organization then). The seller does not bear the responsibility for the deadline for delivery lines by the carrier (courier, postal organization).

5.3. When making a Reservation, the Buyer may independently apply the delivery method, and itself:

·     courier delivery within the city of Kiev (delivered by courier at the address indicated by the Buyer);

·     otrimannya to the goods from the purchased vіddіlennі postal service zgіdno rules of delivery і payment ;

·     independent vivezennya from the seller.

5.4. The delivery rate of the Goods within the city of Kiev is indicated on the Site. The delivery rate of the Goods by postal services is determined by their tariffs. , but not exclusively, vitrati The seller is the vitrati courier).

5.5. The Seller reports all the difficulties for the completion of the terms of delivery, in Kazan on the Site, however, there are delays in delivering some of the non-transferable conditions, as if they are subject to the control of the Seller (arrange force majeure). The Seller informs the Purchaser, due to force majeure conditions and the weather will change the delivery by e-mail or for additional telephone call.

5.6. The moment of acceptance of the Goods by the Buyer is the signing of the document by him, which confirms the fact of acceptance of the Goods promised by him (the act of acceptance of transfers, the declaration on re-authorization, or whether there is any other document that can confirm the fact of transfers to the Goods) or actually the Buyer’s acceptance of the Goods by him dіy, what to say about the acceptance of the Goods. To show the Goods to the Buyer the rest of the goiter, present, when accepting the Goods, a document certifying the person (passport).

5.7. When the goods are returned, the Buyer needs to transfer the goods to the present day, as well as to present a set of necessary documents (sales receipt, act of receipt of transfers, then) and in the time of manifestation of nevіdpovіdnosti on mіscі before'yaviti claims of the delivery service. Claims for the purchase of any visible defects in the Goods, its completeness and quality are not accepted after the Buyer has accepted/accepted the Goods.

5.8. If the Goods are transferred, as if for the benefit of the Purchaser, the Goods are transferred to the third special document, then the moment the Buyer renounces the Goods, the moment of signing such a third special document confirms the fact of acceptance of the Goods promised by him (the act of acceptance-transfer, declaration of transfer or whether there is any other document, which You can confirm the fact of transfer to the Goods).

5.9. The Seller may agree on the possibility of various methods of delivery of the Goods when placing the Order.


6. Confidentiality and personal data

6.1. Information given by Koristuvach (Buyer) is confidential. Administration of the website with victorious information with the method of signing Koristuvach (Purchase), as other values are not specified in the contract.

6.2. Drawing to the site of Kompanії, Samostino Vibravshi Logіn that password access to an iNTherenet store (site), Corfuvach (PARTY) DEEє GRAYS ON THE CIRCUT TO METHERS: TA WITH A PRIMINY METHER: Otrobiya Tose Planned by Zamennya, Refinder IFFormsі ¬ Заменный language (SMS, e-mail, notifications from Viber and Instagram) of advertising and special propositions about promotions, giveaways, new products and whatever information about the marketing activities of the company.

6.3. By the method given by this paragraph, the company may have the right to force electronic lists, SMS notifications and telephone calls to a telephone number, instructions when registering on the site.

6.4. Koristuvach (Purchaser) gives a year to use cookie technology. Cookies do not take advantage of special information, but they can routinely read information from the hard drive of Koristuvach (Purchase). Cookies are set to improve the quality of the service: security identification of Koristuvach (Purchase), savings, special preferences and other. When the Koristuvach cookie technology is enabled, the administration does not guarantee the functioning of all services on the site.

6.5. Koristuvach (Purchaser) authorizes the site administration to add the collection of personal data, including: placing personal data in the data base and saving, updating and changing them (without additional information). The administration of the law is required to secure the protection of data from unauthorized access to third parties and not to transfer data to the surrounding area, if it is necessary for the uninterrupted processing of these data and to the obligatory request of the competent state authorities.

6.6. At a glance, as Koristuvach (Purchaser) does not need to take notice of advertising campaigns and new products of the company, you can be informed about it, informing the Administration.

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