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Corporate Orders

Natural knitwear and hand embroidery are about intimacy and care.
Therefore, Bretons with embroidery are for teams and people whom you value and whose value you want to emphasize.


We carry out orders on our existing Breton models or develop new models on request (using only our knitwear). We embroider according to your sketch or we ourselves prepare a proposal on a specific topic.

About embroidery

All embroidery is handmade. Therefore, it is not identical from Breton to Brenton.
But that's the point. This is an individual work for each person, and this makes it even more interesting and valuable for the recipient.

How the process works:

- we draw the layout,
- we embroider it on the sample.
- confirm with you
- we embroider on the party.


If the Breton from our range - 25-40 days.
If we create a new model - 40-60 days.
*Terms depend on the complexity of the embroidery and the number of Bretons in the order.

Terms of payment

We work on a full prepayment to the FLP account.
The cost of each batch is discussed individually.

Send requests to or call: (068) 800 87 07 .

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