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Baby Bretons

Children's Breton - mother's assistant in the children's wardrobe.

The striped T-shirt fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of the child. The stripe is a playful and light print that kids love and enjoy wearing.


Striped children's t-shirt is perfect for both boys and girls of any age.

The biggest advantage of children's Bretons:

- universality;

- natural jersey.

The versatility of the striped print helps moms quickly assemble their baby.

Combine Breton with pants, shorts, skirts, overalls of almost any style, material and style.

To collect not only on a normal day - to kindergarten, to the yard or to visit - but also to take a Breton, as an absolute favorite in terms of wearability, on trips.

Thus, quickly close the issue of collecting a children's suitcase.


Natural knitwear is the most important factor for children.

Natural materials are generally safer, but they also create a cozier and softer feel for a child in clothing. This is what affects the freedom of movement of babies and their comfort throughout the day.


Breton knit White and Stripe is a natural wear-resistant material.

Thanks to him, White and Stripe striped T-shirts and longsleeves remain in excellent condition for many years, even taking into account the active pastime of children.


Available from White and Stripe:

- children's striped t-shirts;

- children's longsleeves with stripes.


Color spectrum:

- blue and azure colors.


You can buy a children's Breton separately or in a family look set: with men's and/or women's Bretons. Children especially like when their things are the same as their parents.


Customization of children's Bretons

With us you can add handmade embroidery to the breton.

Then the Breton also turns into a wonderful gift - after all, you can embroider everything:

- favorite cartoon character

- hero from the book,

- children's drawing

- a photo of the whole family.

Such clothes become the most favorite for the child, as they are made individually for him.


You can buy children's striped t-shirts and t-shirts with long sleeves on our website in the "Children's Bretons" section.

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