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Bretons for family Family Look

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Striped Family Look


The Breton family look is a White and Stripe bestseller.

We receive daily photos and social media tags from entire families in Breton coats from all over the place.


Family Look choose:

- for family photo shoots

- travel

- joint pastime (yachting, holidays)

- for gifts to the family (especially when members of the same family live in different cities or countries).


Family Looks with family embroidery

We specialize in embroidering portraits on Bretons from your photographs. Then the family is always near the heart. Such work is a valuable gift that people warmly give and enthusiastically accept.


About the popularity of family images

Recently, family looks have become very popular. In Instagram alone, using the #familyLook hashtag, you can already find 1.9 million photos, and their number is growing every day.


Family images are chosen by those:

- for whom the family is the greatest value;

- who lives far from relatives and misses them;

- who wants to give not just a gift, but to emphasize their commonality with a person / people and present their feelings in a special way.


Family Looks is a gift with a soul, not only for the recipient, but also for the giver.  


Family Looks - how much is Breton?

The family image begins with two Bretons.

Mom with a child, a guy and a girl, a father with a daughter or son - paired striped T-shirts or long sleeves look cool both in life and in the photo.

And that's just two Bretons.

Imagine when a family of 3, 4, 5 or more people put on Bretons together, and when they are also embroidered ... It always looks fantastic. You can see for yourself by looking at photos tagged White and Stripe on Instagram.


Are Family Looks always the same Bretons?

It all depends on your preferences. You can choose the same Breton for all family members. For example, striped longsleeves Red. Or choose one color but different sleeves: classic for dad, dropped for mom, and short for kids. And you can choose a stripe of a different color for all family members, which will also be interesting and beautiful in its own way.

You can buy a striped look for the whole family in the Breton Family Look section.

Or come to our workshop in Kyiv at the address: 12G, Kozhemyatskaya st., Osobnyak shopping center.

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