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Men's Breton Shirts

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The stripe is one of the most popular basic prints.

Breton - striped clothing, one of the most versatile in the men's wardrobe.

What is a Breton?

Breton is a striped T-shirt or striped sweater made of natural knitwear for everyday wardrobe.

Why "breton" and not "vest"?

The Breton, unlike the vest, is not clothing exclusively for soldiers or sailors. The Breton has firmly established itself in the basic men's wardrobe and helps to shape everyday looks: from casual to business, weekend or resort.

Assortment of men's White and Stripe Bretons

At White and Stripe, we've rounded up the most requested colors for men's striped t-shirts and long sleeves: black and blue with stripes of varying widths and, in some cases,  Possibility to choose the color of the neck.

The most frequent reviews from men about White and Stripe Bretons: about quality and versatility.

Also, guys and men note that they often use stripes on weekends and more elegant looks. The contrast of the stripes creates a cool mood, so the Breton is also clothing for special occasions.

You can note the following advantages of Breton for men:

- universality;

- pleasant to the body natural jersey;

- a quick answer to the question “what to wear” in a variety of cases.

With what men wear Breton:

- trousers or bermudas in casual and smart-casual style;

- with denim - cotton things look especially modern with a strip;

- with vests or jackets, where the strip is visible in fragments - adds interest to the image;

- under a shirt or with a jumper tied around the shoulders - this approach increases the degree of style.

What shoes to choose for a Breton?

A men's striped or long-sleeved t-shirt is combined with a huge number of types of men's shoes:

sneakers, moccasins, top siders, loafers, chelsea boots, deserts, espadrilles and even flip flops.

Most of the daily or weekend models will perfectly complement the men's Breton.

You can buy a long-sleeved men's Breton jacket, as well as a men's striped T-shirt, on our website in the "Men's Bretons" section.

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