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White and Stripe Workshop:

Six reasons to visit us

1. Try on Bretons 
Can't decide online? Come to the workshop! Measure the fit, compare sizes and models, determine the best color for you. 
2. Feel the knitwear to the touch 
Do you like natural materials that are pleasant to the body? Be sure to come and get acquainted with our knitwear. In addition, we have different knit density levels for different seasons. 
3. Order embroidery from the master 
From the master who will embroider it. Tell your story, show photos and details. Individual embroidery is beautiful because it is all about you. 
4. Buy ready-made embroidery 
If you don’t like to wait and want a special thing right now, the workshop always has a large selection of ready-made embroidered Bretons. In secret: it’s even more pleasant to immediately leave in a new thing. 
5. Pick up Bretons for your family 
If you choose a family look, come with your family. You will immediately pick up the perfect Breton for your husband and children. At the same time, you will find out the sizes you need and you will be able to order the following Bretons online. 
6. Take a photo on the balcony 
An Instagram photo from the picturesque balcony on Vozdvizhenskaya is attached to the Breton. Our managers will choose the best angle and not fill up the horizon, even stripes are our speciality.

Приходите в мастерскую!
Приходите познакомиться с нашим трикотажем
Закажите вышивку у мастера
Приводите родный в нашу мастерскую
Подберите бретонки родным
Сфотографируйтесь в нашей мастерской
Примерьте бретонку
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