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  • What is the cost of embroidery and how much time does the work take?
    Embroider small embroidery (hearts, initials, phrases and symbols) for 1-2 days.Cost: 100-200 hryvnias"Large embroidery (portraits, landscapes, pets, etc.) is embroidered for about 14 days and sent when ready.Price: UAH 500-700
  • What is the difference between bangs?
    Breton models are different: Sleeve - short, classic sleeve and lowered Color - are basic: red, blue, black; and seasonal Neck - Hem or neckline, white or colored Density of knitwear - from thin and light to dense and warmer (even the thinnest knitwear holds its shape perfectly and does not stretch) ** All these features are listed on the card of each bangs.
  • Are there baby and men's bangs?
    Yes, we have women's, men's and children's models.Family look from the same bangs for the whole family - one of our bestsellers.
  • Do you do embroidery not on bangs?
    No, we embroider only on our products and only on new ones.
  • How to choose the right size?
    The site has a dimensional grid. Also in the card of each bangs there are parameters of the model that demonstrates it. At the same time, after ordering on the site, we always check your parameters to make sure your choice is correct. We love when you get the right bangs for the first time and you can immediately enjoy the purchase;)
  • Do you have hand or machine embroidery?
    Manual only.
  • Where to look at examples of embroidery?
    Most examples on our page are Instagram.
  • Do you work on full prepayment or can you pay in part?
    Embroidered bangs - only full prepayment.Bretonki without embroidery in Ukraine - cash on delivery is possible.All bangs shipped worldwide are just a full subscription.
  • Where can you measure bangs?
    In our workshop at: Kyiv, street Kozhemyatska, 12G, shopping center "Mansion", 1st floor, left wing.We work daily from 12:00 to 20:00.
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